Coreopsis, indigo and onion skin on Merino wool

Coreopsis and indigo on Merino wool and onion skin on chunky bouclé wool

Okay, so I’ve slipped into the internet black hole lately; too much Ravelry, Facebook and Craftsy.  I have been dyeing though and making.  Lots of hats, some fingerless mittens and …..


I tried a couple of these for the shop and they flew away quickly, so I made some more.  Sewing all the pieces together takes longer than the knitting.  There are 13 different bits in the assembly.  Miss Mouse’s wings sometimes got quite large, and her tutu has been different colours.  Hand dyed wool for the tutu of course!  They were on sale for £15.  When I put a couple on display with a conical knitted ‘tree’ a few trees sold as well.  One went abroad as a lightweight version of the seasonal conifer for someone on holiday. Next, comes Valentines Day so I’m trying something on the same mousy theme but a different design.  I might try a couple of designs out.


What do you think?