A knitter’s life…



I had a good old rummage in the photo boxes in the loft and found a few pictures of items I made when I first started knitting.  This was the first sweater I made, using a lovely chunky bouclé Jaeger wool.  It’s interesting to me looking at this style of yarn again now seeing a semi solid stripey yarn seeing that they have become popular again.  I was about 19 in this photo….


Another year another hairstyle…. When I spent a year abroad I lived in a cold, cold flat in Seville with this lovely lady, Carmen.  She showed me how to knit creatively without a pattern, and I even bought a couple of books of knitting designs in Spanish.  Unfortunately I didn’t keep them and they got given away during a pre-move throw-out. I did keep that Liberty print dress though that I’d bought in my first week as a student, at On the Eighth Day in Manchester.  Years later I cut it up to make the dress for my daughter’s rag doll.  It has an afterlife today!


After Seville, Grenoble in the French Alps was a huge contrast.  We were ready for the cold weather here though.  Here’s my Dr Who scarf that I made in my first term at Uni, riding in on the bus to central Manchester.  It wrapped twice round the neck and then nearly to my knees.


Another British summer… and big sweaters on the beach.  I’m pretty sure this was August and I know it was in Anglesey.  Fair isle – a hood, and a zip Is there no end to the ambition of this girl?


After Uni, lots of weddings followed.  This little Tudor style number with pearl beads sewn on and the ruff was not the easiest item to wear afterwards…. but it gave me lots of practice at cables.


This is the first thing I made for my daughter.  Knitted before she was born, hence it had all the pastel colours and she was so tiny the sleeves had to be double rolled over!


Several months later, and here we are again. The bright pink cotton sweater I’m wearing was in basket stitch and lasted years.  I eventually dyed it blue when I found the pink a little too much of the 80s. The little sweater Charlotte’s wearing was a sweet cover all. I can’t remember if I knitted it or not!


But I remember making the birthday cake and the velvet dress for a first birthday party.


A sort of brick design for this oversize sweater.  Is it always cold here??


By the time Joe was born time for knitting was more difficult to find so this garter stitch blanket was fast to knit. There were lovely balloon-y trousers as well. No photo of those but! I did find the pattern when I was looking for knitting pictures.  Hurray!


You know how you feel guilty for not making as many things for your second child? Well, this little rabbit sweater was one thing I managed to make.  Here we have a bevy of cousins all gathered together for a family photo.

IMG_0014_NEWBecoming a working mum soon meant that walking to school became a special pleasure.

Weekend walks and organising fancy dress – knitting on the back burner.


extra family members….

and special friends not seen often enough!  Both children are grown up now, and have left home….


But hey! Now I can knit and sew and crochet as much as I want….. and they know you can never have too many blankets……..

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